SME Associations and SMEs

1 Asociación para el Fomento de la Innovación y el Desarrollo – NEuropa

Short Name: NEuropa, Country: Spain

NEuropa is a non-profit association located in Málaga, Region of Andalusia (Spain). Its mission is to assist small and medium sized enterprises in their strategic international development through collaboration, participation and innovative development of research and innovative projects focusing on collaborative international partnerships.

NEuropa coordinates the project and is a key player for activities of several work packages within IMOSHION. It also reviews the work done by the RTD performers and contributes to the dissemination activities.

2 Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Stara Zagora

Short Name: CCI-SZ, Country: Bulgaria

CCI-SZ follows the policy of joint efforts for creating a better environment for entrepreneurship development in the region of Stara Zagora which is one of the most economic developed regions in Bulgaria. CCI-SZ offers to their SME members a variety of administrative services. As well, information and consulting services are provided by several specialized centres established at CCI-SZ.

As SME Association partner in the project, CCI-SZ participates in the defining of SMEs’ technological requirements in concerning OSH. As well, it will intermediate the process of validation, acceptance and modification of OSH innovative tools by the SMEs.

3 Virtual Dimension Center

Short Name: VDC, Country: Germany

The VDC is a non-profit competence and innovation centre for Virtual Reality and simulation technologies. Technology transfer and cluster management constitute the central threads of its activities as well as the imbedding of SMEs so as to increase their innovation and competition abilities through technology and knowledge transfer.

The VDC has a considerable role in several work packages. Furthermore, it supports the project management and contributes to the dissemination of results and proper communication inside and outside the project.

4 Ringo Válvulas

Short Name: Ringo, Country: Spain

Ringo’s activities include design, material procurement, manufacturing, assembly and the testing and analysis of valves. Their valves are used in a wide range of applications including oil and gas processing plants, chemical plants, energy generation and water treatment plants.

They provide essential information on the needs of SMEs in a well-representative manufacturing sector and ensure that the specific needs of a typical SME are addressed in the project.

Research Partners

1 University of Nottingham

Short Name: UNott, Country: United Kingdom

The University of Nottingham (UNott) is in the Russell Group as one of the leading UK teaching and research institutions. The Human Factors Research Group (HFRG) comprises the Institute for Occupational Ergonomics (IOE) and the Virtual Reality Applications Research Team (VIRART). Within HFRG research is focused on understanding the characteristics and capabilities of people and organisations, and applying knowledge about people to improve their interaction with systems indifferent industries and sectors. It covers all aspects of cognitive, physical and social ergonomics. In addition the IOE is a consultancy with experience of addressing OSH issues with industries.

Within IMOSHION, Unott addresses all human factors aspects of the project. This includes applying expertise on developing systems to match end-user needs. Unott also works on the technical development of user-oriented ICT solutions, in particular Tool A, Knowledgebase and Learning Management System, to support OSH in SMEs.

2 University of Stuttgart

Short Name: USTUTT, Country: Germany

The activities of Institute of Human Factors and Technology Management (IAT) focus on the investigation of current topics concerning technology management. IAT has special experience in software development and software ergonomics issues. In this context, Virtual Reality based computer supported cooperative work-systems have been one research focus of the department.

USTUTT contributes jointly with FhG-IAO to the development of Tool C. It specifically develops the training session preparation module as part of Tool C and contributes to the overall design of the IMOSHION tool architecture. Furthermore, USTUTT provides its expertise in interactive 3D real-time environment application development and its integration in industrial workflows.

3 MASA Group

Short Name: MASA, Country: France

MASA is a high-tech company specialised in the development of software engines and products based on a unique mastering of adaptive technologies. Their main fields of technological expertise are decisional Artificial Intelligence and statistical Machine Learning. Thanks to thier proprietary technologies, MASA Group develop decision components able to model human behaviour, thus allowing users to develop virtual and constructive simulations showing unprecedented realism.

MASA are mainly responsible for the development of Tool B.


Short Name: TNO, Country: Netherlands

TNO is a knowledge organization for companies, government bodies and public organizations. They hold a prominent position in international science and participate in a many EU projects. The five core areas are: Quality of Life; Defense, Security and Safety; Built Environment and Geosciences; Science and Industry; Information and Communication Technology. The mission of the Business Unit Work and Employment (within Quality of Life) is to create conditions where employees work in a productive and healthy way.

TNO’s main contribution in IMOSHION is the development of the workplace and workstation planning tool (Tool D). Moreover, they provide their knowledge and experience on OSH and performance in SMEs as input to the technical work packages. TNO also acts as the Technical Manager.

5 Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering

Short Name: FhG-IAO, Country: Germany

FhG-IAO is a non-profit applied research organization. The main purpose is technology transfer from research into industrial application. The Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering (Fraunhofer IAO) focuses on technology management, information technology, VR technology and ergonomics. At Fraunhofer IAO numerous research projects in the fields of human-computer interaction, virtual reality applications and driving simulations are currently running or were carried out in the past 25 years. Providing a human factors lab, a usability lab (stationary and mobile equipment), an ambient intelligence and interaction lab (for testing, prototyping and evaluating interaction in ambient intelligence environments) and a virtual reality lab, Fraunhofer IAO integrates expertise from a variety of research and development activities.

FhG-IAO contributes jointly with USTUTT to the development of Tool C. FhG-IAO specifically develops the training runtime module as part of Tool C and contribute to the overall design of the IMOSHION tool architecture. It also provides its expertise in interactive 3D real-time environment application development and its integration in industrial workflows.

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