Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will the IMOSHION package be able to cover all industrial sectors?

A. Tools A, B and C should be useful for SMEs in all industrial sectors and Tool D will be most useful for SMEs involved in manufacturing.

Q. Will the IMOSHION package be useful for very small companies?

A. Yes, the tools will be useful for companies of all sizes.

Q. How will 3D systems work as many SMEs do not have access to this type of technology in their companies and have limited resources?

A. Tools A and D do not use 3D technologies and tools B and C can be used on a normal PC.  IMOSHION users may also be access the 3D tools at the SME Association offices.

Q. SMEs may not have the expertise to use the IMOSHION package, will it be designed to be easy to use?

A. Yes, we are involving SMEs at each stage of the design process to make sure it easy to use by non-experts.

Q. Will there be different levels of access to the system for employees and managers?

A. Yes, this is one of the benefits of the system so managers will be able to track access to OSH information and training by their employees.

Q. Will the IMOSHION system be available in the users own language?

A. Yes, the IMOSHION system will be available in German, English, Bulgarian and Spanish.

Q. Where can I buy the IMOSHION system?

A. The IMOSHION tools are currently under development for SME Associations. For more information about availability of the tools please contact the project coordinator.

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