Importance of OSH for SMEs

5,720 people die yearly in the European Union as a consequence of work-related accidents, according to EUROSTAT figures (2005). Beside human losses, these incidents cost SMEs time and the availability of specific human expertise which directly translates into money and competitiveness. Moreover, to reduce time to market, shorter decision times and high speed productivity are demanded, and this might potentially lead to more risks for safety and health. On the other hand, and although occupational safety and health (OSH) regulations are obligatory and enforced by legal authorities, SMEs have limited resources in time, money and personnel, so it tends to be not regarded as a priority.

Therefore, it seems necessary to stimulate awareness and to provide European SMEs with modern and user-friendly tools to support their understanding and compliance of OSH regulations. The IMOSHION project will establish novel methods to enhance SMEs productivity at both organisational and technological levels through better integration of OSH into their daily workflow. The project is targeting all manufacturing sectors (e.g. construction, machine building, metal working, aerospace, food industry) for which OSH concerns are the most challenging.

OSH Regulations

This section contains relevant regulations concerning OSH on EU and national level. It is regularly updated and completed by all project partners.

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